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My order has not arrived – what should I do?



  • Toi Gardner-Otten

    My order has not arrived. There has not been a slip left and the neighbors didn't take a delivery.

  • Peter Salvador

    You as a seller should be updating your CUSTOMERS on what is happening to their order.  My order was place and PAID since March and we are close to June.  If you cannot fulfill anything please just refund me on all my orders.  Updates are very important please keep that in mind and it is a courtesy to all your customers.


  • Nathan Reilly

    My order was delivered today in Newcastle. I placed the order for delivery in Glasgow and confirmed the postcode. No idea why it was sent there? I have contacted customer service asking for a refund as this is unacceptable.

  • Anne Perretta

    Previous comments do not fill me with ease email asap as to whether item has been dispatched

  • Jerry Padilla

    Still waiting for my order to ship, since May 3rth.

  • Filipi Hasegawa

    Still waiting my order #58545. Please send some updates

  • Kaila Lancaster

    How the hell do we get ahold of anyone?? I can’t find any email addresses! I been waiting several months for my order

  • corey ecton

    Still waiting for my order that was placed in June and they said August and its the 27th now.#72944

  • Lisa Fitzgerald

    It says if you have not received your order to contact - I don't see any contact information on the website. Can you provide contact information 

  • Cristiano Giacomini

    Ho effettuato ordine # 13664 in data 25 novembre 2021 ma ad oggi ancora non è arrivato niente. Vi chiedo di rimborsarmi l'ordine.

  • Cheryl Fsucher

    Can I get some sort of update on where my order is.

  • Adam Seymour

    My order hasn't arrived, actually thinking I've been scammed


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